ProtectMyCar called and told me they had a good deal going on and asked if I’m interested. It sounded good but the funny thing is I’ve been with them for 8 months already. They first told me, “We protect your motor, we protect your transmission, we protect your fuel. As long as all your stuff is up to date, we protect all that. Anything electric we protect that, too.” So I said, “Okay, cool.” They also told me, “You maintain your car” and I said, “My car has always been well maintained.” Another thing is that I have 147k miles on my car and they said they'd cover 200k and something miles which is better than the car dealership that would only cover 175,000 miles. So I said, “Okay, I’ll go with you all” and added another car with them.

When I go to get my oil change and the gasoline, everything is okay. Then my alternator went. So I called. It was a Sunday and they’re not open. They said, “As long as you got the receipt and everything, we reimburse you.” Okay, cool. So I took it to Cadillac and had it diagnosed. They found out it was something with the fuel. I said, “Okay, I’m covered because it says anything with the fuel.” Cadillac called and told them about it. Then they called and told me, “We only cover certain components." That’s false advertisement. They should never tell that they cover the engine and transmission if it’s only certain components of it. That’s why I'm really pissed off at them.

They made the payments affordable for me, they pay for the oil change of the car and keeps the track record of my two vehicles in which I got a good policy with them. But I'm upset with them. Things sound good for a minute but then when they get down to the nitty gritty, they say “Oh, we just cover certain parts.” “How’d you cover certain parts? You didn’t tell me that.” “Oh, you should have read your warranty.” They need to tell the people the truth about their coverage. They take payments straight out of my bank account every time, no late payments. So if they could take my money every time, they should be able to simply tell me the truth that they don't cover this or that part.

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