Submitting a claim with ProtectMyCar has been very difficult. Whenever I found out about the other companies being lower, I called them so I could cancel because I hadn't used the service at all at that point; but the gentleman said he was including three oil changes a year and two tire rotations. So the first time I used it was in May or June. I had a recall for my car and I took it to the Toyota shop so I called ProtectMyCar and they told me that all I had to do is pay and so they did my recall and the alternator. There might have been something else I had done that was called for regular maintenance that I paid myself. After that, I went to Jiffy Lube to get the first-rate oil change and tire rotation and I was told I was covered for three oil changes, but nothing about tire rotation. So I ended up paying the tire rotation because they were already doing it.

This week, I went to do another oil change and I did it at the Toyota Place and they said I was not covered. I spoke to three different people that same day. The last person I talked to told me that they would reimburse me if I had already paid for them then he informed me that back in May, they did not pay Jiffy Lube at all for that oil change. I don't know why they haven't contacted me to let me know they never got paid. So I'm not happy at all.

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