The claim process is extremely difficult. I’ve, more or less, given up on it. Last winter, my heat failed. I went to the dealership to take care of the problem because local auto mechanics couldn’t figure it out. I had to dig through the documentation that they sent me to find the actual number I was supposed to give to the auto repair shop. I found the right number after I already paid for an initial repair. They had to work on this car four different times trying to track down the one of them, I flat out paid out of my pocket. I told ProtectmyCar about this and they asked me to send them a letter outlining what I went through including the copy of the invoice. I did that and I never heard back.

The next time I had to get the car looked at for the same problem, I gave them the number that I had tracked down and things worked pretty smoothly. The car company billed them directly and I don’t have to pay the deductible. Since then, they’ve had to look at the car two more times which they did at their expense because it was old same problem. They finally fixed it. To be fair, we’re back in about 500. I’ve tried twice to make a claim, and I got through once. I would definitely not recommend this to a friend.

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