I have a compliant regarding service from Agent David Huhtala, Dewitt NY office. On October 16,2015 I signed papers to file a death benefit claim. Your agent told me it would be 2/3 weeks to receive the check. When I didn't receive a ck after 3 weeks I called Huhtala on 11/9 and 11/13 and 11/16. He finally called me back on 11/16. His story and it is a story, the office was being renovated and phones were not transferring. I asked Huhtala what was the hold up on the claim and he told me another story, he said there was a problem with the faxed paperwork. Today I get a call from the claims office they didn't have an address to mail my claim. I asked the person when she received the claim and she told me they received it 11/16. You see the issue, he lied to me about everything.
I feel you need to know this.

The ladies in the claim office were helpful (l hope) and will have a check to me in 3/5 days. (I hope). As for your agent Hahtala, well I'm done doing business with him and Prudential.

Mary Lou Dunn

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