Moved in the store September 24,2015. Was offer the dollar special for 30 days anything after the following month would be $259.00. On October 25 I got a call stating that I owe $60. I was also told that my payment was due on 1 September. September came I received a call saying that my bill was $411.00 due to the late charges. I spoke with customer service At the location. They stated 60.00 that was due assessed a late fee of 30.00 your rent of 259.00 55.00 15.00.

I ask to speak with a manager, I was yelled at by an employee by the name of West who repeatedly told me that they was not going to take off the late charges and I need to come in and pay my bill before my furniture is auctioned off. I ask to speak with someone over his head. He gave me a number to call his manager Bill. I called Bill on a Monday 11/2/15. Didn't hear back from Bill till I called complaints which was Friday 11/6/15. Bill was rude and told me if I moved out the storage by 11/10/15 he would take off the late charges. I stated that I wouldn't be able to be gone by then. Bill stated in a disrespectful way "then you're out of luck.."

I also inform him that I wasn't aware of the rodent Problem Until I moved in the unit. One of the employee by the name of Sherri reassured me that the rodent problem was taken care of Which was false. The outside and inside of the storage is nasty. They have drug addicts hanging around the facility. The staff is not professional neither was the district manager. This place is a ripoff.

Only been in his place for one month and one week. I have already cut the lock on my storage and if they need to sell my belongings I'm not happy with this and something will be done. Advise anyone to stay away from the Public Storage in the city of Anaheim on Knott ave and in Lincoln. I was told that the late charges would be taken off by one of their employees by the name of Maria however that wasn't the case… I would recommend this place for anyone if you have to find a place to store your furniture. Anything else find a private storage facility and one away from the public storage as they are a ripoff.

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