Like many I send in my response to the latest PCH million-dollar sweepstakes. And I've occasionally bought a trinket that catches my fancy. But this week PCH sent me a letter requesting that I call them. I did. At first the discussion with a "customer service" clerk was straightforward, checking my address, etc. Then they offered me magazines — tons of magazines, and a free watch, and a $25 gift card. Foolishly I agreed. The next day I realized I don't want 7 magazines for 4 years! Sheesh! I tried to cancel. Three times I told Shay-la (phonetic spelling) I was canceling that order. She never did accept. I felt like I was being hassled on a used car lot. So I canceled by maxing out the credit card I had used. And I wrote a letter to PCH so that I'm on record as having cancelled. Don't buy from them!

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