My mother and I have been entering this silly thing since the 70's. I could have probably paid off my house just with what I've spent in postage over the years. I actually found this site from searching whether anyone REALLY wins this or not. Not that they'd want their name published, but it would be encouraging to see some kind of proof! (Btw… If I win, I'll let you all know!) I am thinking it's a conspiracy with the USPS just to profit from both! I've bought a few things and called to have most of them returned. They've always told me just to throw the stuff away, and they'd credit me. Never had any problems with that, so can't gripe.

Yea… Their stuff IS cheap and not worth the money at all! But… I've never gotten any "tokens!" WTH are those and how did you get them? If they're just from ordering something, then I've been cheated!'Course, I don't place orders over $30… Lol. So, if anyone really does know of anyone really winning this crap, let us all know! (With proof, of course!)

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