I do not regularly shop as Publix because of their lack of fresh, local organic non-GMO items. I do the biggest bulk of my shopping at Wholefoods or Target. Both are a 15-25 minute interstate drive compared to three Publix stores within three miles of my house. When I have stopped in to pick up an item that I need, I'm usually overcharged including yesterday when I was charged $1.00 more per pound for organic red grapes than what was posted in the store.

This happens every time I've been in a store. They will also have different prices on the same item on the same day at all three stores. They don't carry any USDA certified organic meats, no. Their organic milks will be 1.50 more per half a gallon than Walmart. I've tried to get a Wholefoods store in our area for the past three years. I feel if that would happen it would force Publix out of our area!!! Just because every employee asks how you are (and half the time they don't listen or look at you) does not mean that shopping is a pleasure.

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