None of the services we were promised ever materialised. We were promised an 086 number, itemised billing, message on hold, and massive savings compared to telkom all of which we did not get. We were also quoted an amount of R1663.00 pm excluding calls. Then they suddenly charged us and extra R386 on our initial invoice for something they say their salesman Stewart made us sign an annixure. We still don't know what this is. Steward eventually came to my office after several attempts to get hold of him and he apologised and said it's a mistake on their side and he would have it rectified and the over charged amount would be refunded. No refund has ever materialised and we have since been charged an extra R300 a month on the two concetitive invoices. The system itself freezes and we have had to plug and unplug it to get it working several times. At times we can't gear the person on the other side. We have spent the better part of our first month ladened with technical and administration problems with Pure Voice. In the beginning of our second month we were told that they had made a mistake with our contract and they would draw up a new contract that we must sign. We refused and requested that they remove the whole system and cancel our account. We unplugged their system and informed out lawyers of our problems with Pure Voice and our request to have the contract cancelled. Three weeks later pure voice send us a settlement invoice for over
R100 000.00 ( one hundred thousand rand) They claim we signed the contract. We are shocked at the way we have been treated. I would never recommend this company to anyone. We still did not receive any contract. They never gave us a copy as promised. It seems all they want is to get their teeth into your bank account and thereafter you just another victim which they can suck as much money out of your bank account as they please for 5 years.
We are at wit's end and are going to fight tooth and nail to get free of their grips. No matter what the cost. Event hough we are a small car wash company that has only been open for two months.
Exact Auto Carwash
Please contact me if anyone has had or is still having any simular problems with Pure Voice Walmer Port Elizabeth.

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