We recently returned from a vacation and I contacted a cold so went on medication. After a few days when I started feeling a little better my husband suggested a bowl of oatmeal. We were doing it together so that I could teach him how to make it. As soon as we put oatmeal to water, black specks appeared and my husband said " they are live bugs". We panicked and poured them down the sink but after a close look in the bag there were many more so threw it all away. Then we decided to check the pantry in case there were any more in any dry product and yes they were in our oat based cereal. Not just the black bugs but tiny transparent worms even moving though very hard to see.

The Quaker Oatmeal, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Organic Muesli, all oat based we threw away and will not purchase ever again! We have gone through, and thrown out a lot of other dry food that had only a few in but were afraid to take a chance even if we didn't find any. We are buying glass jars for everything in the pantry hoping that will prevent future contamination.

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