First off I don't smoke. As of Sunday November 8th my card was turned off (deactivated) due to another attempted charge by quality inn for smoking in their room which I didn't (fraud). After doing research the max they can charge is 250. If all charges went through like has been tried, this would be 1k (only 500 as of now). I am unable to get hotels/flights/cabs/food/etc. I am stuck (basically homeless) in the destination I was going to propose to my gf (Big surprise it's not happening). My vacation that I work hard and saved up for will end 192hrs early to be exact. I'm trying to just get home now.

Quality inn in 24hrs has ruined years in the making. Thank you for taking one most important weeks of my life and destroying it. The worst part of this is there is no quality control. The ratings on all sites are extremely dismal, nothing nice has been said for years. This was not my choice of hotel. Another company (Hawaiian airlines) used it due to a layover.

You are representing other companies very poorly. The first room that I was given 102 doesn't even show on the records (Lisa at the front desk checked us in to it) It still had no sheets and de-smoking machine running in the room (I couldn't make this up if I tried). I went to the front desk and moved to 103 which smelled mildly Better enough to get through a night. Prior to going to sleep the entire hallway of floor one wreaked of smoke all night. (Once again read any comment on this business in the last year, it's unanimous).

Upon leaving, the manager was very aggressive and berating myself and an employee as we left. This same employee came to me complaining about her boss beforehand which was ironic (she doesn't seem wrong). I wrote a nice letter about her in the comment section because she was having a hard time and I thought a personalized letter might show her superiors that she was a hard worker. This all backfired. Worst "hotel" experience of my life (I take that back, this is one of my worst experience ever, no exaggeration). Staying with you cost me everything.

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