When I came in to the lobby to get registered a nice Guy named Dante told me I could have a late checkout. So the next day at 10:30 am I decided to stay another night but I could not get to the front desk right away because I had travelers diarrhea. At about 10:50 am a nice young lady came to the room and told me checkout was at 11.00 and that I had to leave. So I told her I was going to stay another night based on what Dante told me. I thought it was ok if I came down to pay a few minutes late. At 11:20 a very hostile housekeeper named Becky, with a big tattoo on the neck comes to my room yelling and screaming telling me that I had to leave.

I tried to explained what was going on and she just wouldnt listen. So I shutted the door. The next thing I know Im in the lobby at about 11:30 trying to pay and I find Becky and Kate (Front Desk Employee) Extremely aggressive, with their eyes wide and their voice raised both yelling at me, becoming really violent to me. Their temper and tone of voice were so inappropriate and very upsetting. Ive never had an employee make me feel physically and mentally uncomfortable. I dont think I should ever feel threatened and intimidated by an employee. The consequences of these aggressive behavior made my symptoms and my condition worse.

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