I opened my small business in January 2015. I knew i needed accounting software and despite all of the new options with good feedback, i decided to go with what had been around longer. At the time, QB was bombarding my television with commercials claiming to understand/care about small businesses. I started with Quickbooks Pro (the online only version) and found that it lacked a number of features i would need. I spoke to Quickbooks customer support and they recommended Quickbooks Premiere Plus. I was ready to purchase the desktop version of Premiere and the support agent told me i should try Premier Plus online. She told me it was a subscription service and the only real difference was the technical support and the regular software updates. I said I didn't want to pay a yearly fee, but she said "don't worry, you can just cancel the subscription at the end of the year to discontinue technical support and regular updates but continue using the desktop software." After a year of using the product and entering thousands of hours billed, expenses and invoices, I got a reminder from the company to renew for $499. I did not want to continue with the cost just for tech support.in the couple times i tried to use it, i was put on hold for hours (literally) and then sent overseas to someone who was obviously looking my questions up online and then feeding me a canned response from a manual. The regular updates were not enough to justify the cost for this small company. When i called to cancel my subscription, i was told that if i do so, i will lose all ability to use the software i had paid for. BUT, they would sell me the desktop version for $350. The same software i had tried to buy and was told i was buying. I asked to speak to a supervisor and 4 days later I got a call informing me that their policy had changed during the year and they do not intend to honor their original promise. I am now writing to this feedback section in hopes that it reaches the ears of whoever created those commercials from a year ago or who actually still believes in customer service. I hope you find it worthwhile to honor your promises and provide me with what i had intended to purchase originally. If not, i will post this story on every message board, Twitter and Facebook. More importantly, entrepreneurs are a small community. We all bond over the hurdles faced. If you decide to not honor your word, that is your choice, but every time i sit with someone who is about to start their own company, i will tell them this story. I am extremely disappointed, but hopeful that this is not how QB does business and that you will right what has occurred.

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