Initially, Quicken Loans offered a refi rate that couldn't be beat. I did a little research and chose to proceed with an application with them. They were pushy, needed a fee immediately to get started and lock in the rate. Against my better judgement, I did so. The process took months to finalize. My appraisal came in way low, making me unable to roll my HELOC into the loan (though I had been told originally this would be no problem). My rate was subsequently raised to a point that it was no longer the best offer I could receive – though at this point I was too far in to back out. (They said they was because I was out of the rate lock period… Thanks to them taking so long to close it.)

The mortgage "specialist" I was working with lost his license in my state (supposedly) so ended up finishing up with someone different who I had to get up to speed. All in all, I felt they were not honest and forthcoming and I would not choose them again. I will say their administration of my loan has been fine… No complaints. I'm not refinancing (3 years later) with a local bank. I would not use Quicken again.

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