I've shopped with QVC on and off for nearly 30 years. I recently started shopping after a few years away and I'm so very surprised. For me, it's a serious problem with their quality control (the Q in QVC). I've spent thousands of dollars over the years purchasing many different items. The quality checks on clothing, bedding, etc. Never let me down. If you ordered a medium, you got a medium. If you ordered Ryka shoes in a 6.5 wide, you got 6.5 wide. No longer, and I'm not only complaining about Ryka. The old QVC would never have let such inconsistencies into their inventory.

Almost every order has resulted in improperly sized items. If I find something I like, I often purchase the same in a different color, but I find a huge difference between the items. This would never have happened 10 years ago. If a Today's Special Value of, say a Clark's slip-on, arrived and they all ended up being about a whole size too long, they would have pulled it and done something else.instead, they let it go. Each review complained that they were a full size too long. It would be inconceivable for that to happen in the good, old days.

I'm also thinking that the accountants have taken over the running of the company. No longer do you tune in to see anything new and exciting, it's the same old, same old. Style-wise they are no longer sensitive to their customers' needs; if you are short and wide and look stellar in boot-cut pants, tough! You are forced to choose skinny pants or leggings (honestly, these don't even look good on the models unless they are wearing 4 inch heels). And yet, the buyers have shoved the "skinny" idea down our throats for a few years now. I remember when they went to great lengths to "find the right pants for your body type." Their newest idea this year is "wide pants." Again, if you are short and wide, wide pants only make you look shorter and wider.

My thought is, if the Quality isn't there, the Value isn't there, and neither is the Convenience as I have to keep returning products at my cost. It's really sad. I feel like I'm buying a pig-in-a-poke with each purchase. I can't count on their quality control. I'm not saying that I'll not shop there again, but in a very limited way. I'll give them a few years to get their stuff together or go belly-up which is the way they are heading if this continues much longer. There are other places to shop from my home. This makes me sad.

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