We did two cross country freight shipments (full truckloads). They literally destroyed one shipment so badly that I had to transport myself and three employees to New Cumberland, Pennsylvania to remediate the order so it could be shipped. They lied about the damage they had done. It took 6 months (in part due to the military to whom it was supposed to ship) but also because R L was not honest about what they had done to the shipment. It was rejected twice by the government. The other shipment had to be remediated, returned to our facility in California, from Pennsylvania and then shipped back to Pennsylvania on another carrier to avoid government imposed penalties for failure to fulfill the contract.

I paid for one shipment prior to knowing that it had been rejected. I refused to pay for the other shipment and they sued me and sent me to collection. I filed damage claims with pictures, and government documentation of the rejections and the reasons. They have not so much as responded to the fact that claims have been filed. This leaves me with no option but to sue. They are hiding information of whom to serve. The DOT should shut these people down.

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