I've had to replace all the phones in my house over the past year and that's been OK. Until now. This week I bought another one – from Radio Shack. The one I preferred only comes in a dual pack, so I bought a single.in the past, all I had to do was plug in the phone and it was ready. This one required a lot of work, entering numbers, etc. I could not figure it out – paid my computer guy to try and he couldn't either.

When I bought it (from the RS store in Middletown, RI) the young woman "helping" me was rude, uncaring and almost monosyllabic, and very careless in her approach. I took it back today, and the young man "helping" me at least had an attitude of trying to pretend to be of assistance, and then the young woman popped up, interrupting my transaction with the young man. I couldn't help saying "No wonder Radio Shack is tanking". It seemed easier to leave the phone there, did not get a refund: perhaps they can sell it again and pull themselves out of bankruptcy or even invest in some kind of training for those who must interact with the public. I ordered a phone on line.

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