Ranger Transport Service Inc and my company both use Central Dispatch for transporting vehicle. On 01/11/17 I dispatched my 2004 Toyota Corolla Vin JTDBR32E442022117
purchased at IAAI El Paso for export to Ranger Transport to deliver the car to Galveston Port in Texas.
In the dispatch sheet, I provided Ranger address and phone number of the port. Rangers arrived at the port when the port was already closed, he called me to arrange alternative storage or delivery address. I called around and provided him with two separate addresses. Ranger claimed the addresses were 25 miles away from the port. I offered to pay him extra for the delivery, Ranger rejected the offer and take my car to 41 Blue Mountain Dr
Maumelle, AR 72113
Phone: (888) 901-2678
I have sent him numerous to have a possible resolution and he has refused. On July 04, I sent him another email to remind him I wanted my car back and would pay him extra 200 to bring my car back to original destination and there was no reply from him.
On Monday August 07 2017, I received a call from Jason Wright
Burt and Associates
469-368-6400 ext. 205
he said he was representing Ranger.
I am resident of BC Canada and I am in the same industry, the law here doesn't allow us as auto transporter to take vehicle or customer's property more than 25KM radius of the original destination.
Ranger Transport Service doesn't have my permission to take my vehicle to AR, so I shouldn't have to pay.
I will pay him the initial 400 agreed on the dispatch.

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