I bought a cocktail table and picked it up at the store in Clifton park, NY. The salesman was nice and the item looked great on the sales floor. The sales experience was fine. When I picked it up I thought it was a little odd that the box appeared to be retaped, like it may have been opened before but I didn't think much of it. When I unpackaged to assemble at home, one of the sockets that the leg screwed into just fell out. I looked and it appeared to be pre-existing damage. The cardboard on the inside of the packaging was also worn and had marks that indicated tape had been ripped off the cardboard before I ever opened it.

My conclusion is that someone returned this and they resold it as new to me. I have no proof that they knew about the damage, but I would think that best practices would dictate that they would inspect anything returned that they were representing was new. I called the store and they would not let me return the product to the store that day. The explanation I received was that returns must be processed by the office in Niskayuna, which was closed (Friday night). They have promised to deliver a new one to my house and set it up and take the old one back.

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