We visited the Raymour & Flanigan store in our area a few years ago. We were looking for a new bed. We saw an ornate metal bed which we liked. The display bed was a queen sized bed and we were interested in a full size.in addition to the 4 legs, there were additional support legs in back of the main legs of the bed which I did not like. I told the salesman and he said the additional support legs are only on the queen and king size beds. I was relieved that I could have the full size bed without the additional support legs.

Once the bed arrived and we opened the carton and put it together, we learned that the full size bed indeed did have the additional support legs. I was disappointed particularly with the salesman who sold us the bed because he likely knew that the full size also had the extra legs. The bed is nice and is holding up well, so that is a good thing. The reason I don't like the extra support legs is that they leave marks in the carpet and we are planning to replace the carpet with flooring. If I decide to move the bed, I'm concerned the floor will have unnecessary marks/indentations. Also, the bed skirting needs to be long enough to cover the extra supports. I'm hesitant about getting anything else from this company for fear that I won't be given the complete truth about a product. I may take another chance. I just don't know yet.

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