Absolutely incredible! Whomever heads up your Customer Service Dept. Should be replaced IMMEDIATELY!

I had a defective Rayovac flashlight and called cust. Svc. On 11/3. I was instructed to send it for a replacement to the DeForest, WI facility… Which I did on that same day. I had the package tracked by USPS and they advised that it arrived in your facility on 11/6. Today is the 16th and I have not received any information so, I called cust. Svc again. They advise that it wasn't "processed" at the facility until the 11th, and then it wasn't entered into the system until the 13th, and it didn't ship until today, the 16th. So basically, it sat at the facility with no one doing anything for 10 days. You call that customer service???

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