I have been a member of RCI since 2002.in the beginning I traded timeshares and felt that they were at least trying… Wyndham Resorts has taken ownership. They have changed the rules.inventory for decent resorts is extremely low. Corporate resorts are worth a lot more points located far from everywhere isolated. They may have a lot of amenities but with how far they are located from any other place they should. They are expensive because they have a trapped audience. The point system is flawed. Nonetheless they expect more money to renew banked deposits that I can't use essentially. I am losing 27 combined deposit points for three timeshare deposits because they have no inventory. The company sucks and the excuse "those are the rules" bit over the course. They have rewrote the Tylenol to benefit them far greater than the customer. Shame on them. And they tricked me into going platinum with the promise of better inventories.

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