I have spent quite a bit of money on this company however, I have learned the hard way that they are a total rip off and they have the worst customer service. They do not care about customer satisfaction. They only want to take your money and lie to you. I purchased a vacation package as I was told I have purchased a 7 day cruise plus a 7 day resort stay or a 2-3 night hotel stay. I went to use my resort certificate and was told I used it when I stayed at the lousy, dirty and pathetic Hotel called Porta Vista Hotel in San Diego, WHAT? I did not use my new package on that place, ridiculous! Plus my account still shows that I have the 7 day resort. I advised to just credit me my money back and I was told that they can't do that due to the lame stay at Porta Vista.

I paid a lot of money out of my pocket to stay at that worthless place and now they tell me I used up my resort? Huh? I currently have a CC dispute as I have all documents to prove that they are wrong! This package was a total of $2,199.00 and now RCI is telling me it is only for a cruise and a 2 night hotel stay? Do not get scammed with this company. Read the reviews, they are a rip off! There are further out of pocket expenses for the cruises that they do not tell you about when you purchase their packages. RCI only cares about making money. They do not care about customer satisfaction! A person is better off just booking your own vacation as you will save a lot of money.

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