RCI was unable to locate any beach front hotel on the east or west middle Florida coast in Feb. For 2 years! I had either called too early or too late… Told repeatedly after all it is high season! Told there was a 2 year wait for Hawaii. I banked 2 weeks with my home resort to the tune of $848. Paid the RCI membership for nothing! After numerous phone calls, dropped calls, looong holds, I was apologized to on 10/06/15 and told in light of all the trouble I have encountered, they would extend my banked weeks at no charge until 10/30/16! I was thrilled and began searching for a Feb vacation place. Called RCI and NO RECORDS could be found. More calls, more holds and finally a supervisor who said it could not happen as the company does not do that. Apparently the rep had lied to me to shut me up and written something different in her notes. I have no proof and no recourse. DO NOT use RCI as they are scam artists!

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