I took my elderly mother to lunch at the Red Lobster. Getting ready to leave, she became upset fumbling with her coat. I immediately got up to help her. (She was trying to put it on inside out.) I got her coat on and quickly got her out of the restaurant.in my haste, I neglected to pick up my cell phone which was on the table (it was a booth), but back against the wall. My cell phone is actually a medical device. It keeps me in touch with John Hopkins 24/7.30 min after leaving it hit me I was missing my phone. I went back, was told by someone up front "Sorry no one turned in a phone." I explained the seriousness of the issue. She shrugged her shoulders, "Sorry." I asked for a manager. He was "busy" but he would look in the safe. Sorry, no phone. I told him I was just there and I really needed the phone. He never took my name, never questioned his staff, did nothing.

The only option left to me was to spend 300.00 that I should not have had to spend because in the amount of time that passed, only the server and the person cleaning the tables would have even seen the phone (No one was sitting in the booth when we went back). I hope and pray that these people who got a "free" phone never have to live through a medical emergency where everything is so dependent on a mobile device. I for one am doing everything I can via print, social media, etc, to get people to not go to that Red Lobster. They do not care about customers, just the bottom $. PS all activity of them trying to use the phone (during working hours) has been documented to the point when they turned it off, which set off alarms because that phone cannot and should not be turned off.

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