Its Sat/11/14/15 and we just left Red Lobster in Toms River, NJ. The NEW Ultimate Feast that we ordered was terrible and the lobster tail looked either burnt or rotted on the end. We ordered two of these dinners at $29.49 each. My husband got melted butter and lemon on his plate, but I did not. The food was not good at all. I barely got a tablespoon of rice on my plate. We have been going there since it opened. But if Red Lobster is starting to cut back

on the quality of their food and still charge high prices, then we are no longer going to be a customer. The meals were lousy. Stop being so cheap and go back to the way it was. I should have refused to pay the bill. But that is not my style. Either improve on the food and how it is presented or can expect to tell everyone not to go there. It is to expensive to be served lousy food. I can be reached. I do expect to here from you.

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