My best friend and I just had lunch at Red Lobster in Southaven Mississippi. We were celebrating my big promotion and picked your restaurant because its been awhile since we ate at red lobster. My food came out wrong and I was okay with that since I've worked as a server during my college years"mistakes happen"but my friend didn't want to eat until my food was ready. It took 25 minutes before they brought out my food which after two bites was HORRIBLE and SLOPPY. No one ever came to the table before my food was brought out nor after. We had to stop other waiters to get water refills and a manager. Anita came to the table and didn't know anything about what was going on with my food and service we also told Anita that my friends food was cold waiting on mine. She said she was going to take care of the check but only comp my food. I asked her why wasn't my friends food discounted or comp to since it was cold and the horrible service and she got very nasty and smart with me. I was talking very low so others could not hear us but she decided to get loud and very unprofessional as now other tables were watching. Anita snatched the ticket book and said with a nasty attitude y'all can leave now and walked away mumbling under her breathe. It was very embarrassing for both of us to be treated that way, we both wanted to enjoy our meal and have a good time Money is not an issue for either of us but your manager made us seen like trash looking for a free meal. My business, friends and family member will never come back to Red Lobster again which is sad since majority of my stores in Memphis and Mississippi are on the same street.

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