I took out a personal loan of $1000. The contract said if I pay the loan off early I would not have to pay interest. I made a $800 payment towards my principal. The Rep told me if I come in and pay off the balance of $349 that includes the processing fee I would be ok.instead of paying off the balance I made another principal payment of $112 after speaking with Rep confirming my balance due which should bring my balance to $237. I received in the mail an invoice that my new balance is $534.51.

How is the world could my balance increase by an additional $300. I call to try to get an explanation. The Representative Ruben very unprofessional, nasty attitude, hung up call on me. I called back asked to speak with someone other than him. Was placed on hold for a good 10 minutes. I hung up frustrated with none of my concerns addressed. I would advise anyone applying with Regional for any type of loan to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Regional is not a nice company to do business with.

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