I have taken the 2014 duster to its second service at Paarden Eiland Multifranchise and reported some items on the vehicle that was of concern.

One of the items was a defective GPS/Radio unit that kept rebooting – replaced in a subsequent service after a month of no feedback from Renault, I phoned myself then to arrange.

Not been fixed:
1. During left turn, and applying power (uphill particularly), the right tyre seems rubbing against the inside of the wheel well – can be felt through feet on pedals. The feedback was that the mechanics could find nothing wrong but I did feel it myself driving into work parkade again
2. Renault fitted reverse parking sensor sometimes don't engaged when putting vehicle into reverse; I was told that it was fixed and it worked when I drove from the service area, stopped working when parking at home
3. Protection kit fitted by Renault dealer before purchase (not after-market) coming off (front right, left rear, right back door); renault said they have to do yet another check with warranty department


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