I own a property in Orlando that had a water leak and flooded the utility room and a bedroom. My maintenance man called the 1st company that came up on Google which was ARS Rescue Rooter. I called around 2 PM and they gave me an appointment between 4:30-8 pm without after hours charge. It was necessary to make 2 calls to check stat, I called at 8:20 and 10:10 pm. The 1st time I was told the tech was tied up and I would be next. The 2nd time I was told that the appt had been rescheduled for 2 days later and the local office was closed until 8 the next morning and I would be billed an after hours fee if someone was dispatched that night. The following morning I called to speak with a manager. I was told one would call me.

I then received a call from someone who identified himself as a tech but when I advised I needed a manager he said, "Actually I'm the manager." and promised to go out. He arrived about 5-1/2 hours later. He stated that there was a leaking pipe and he could repair for 1,100.00 and they usually bill 187.00 for leak detection but he would waive that charge (the leak had already been identified by my maintenance man). While waiting for him to show up I contacted another plumber who gave an estimate of 295.00 (which included removing, draining and re-installing water heater). I will never ever deal with this business again and cautioned my maintenance man about calling a company on the basis of it appearing first on a list.

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