I ordered the cloud sectional and I will admit it looked good when they first put it together in our beach house. We noticed right away that we could not get comfortable on the couch. Even though it had a down pillow top it felt like sitting on a park bench, I'm really not trying to be sarcastic when I say this. I kept looking under the cushions to find out what was making it feel so hard and there is no reason I could find. After a week the fabric started to look wrinkled and worn out. It washes well if you manage to soil it, but no other redeeming qualities. I regret the purchase! When people come over you can see the surprise on their faces that it's not comfortable and it's deceiving because it looks so soft. I gave it one star but I really wouldn't give it that. RH has other great couches that exceeded my expectations. Just stay away from the Cloud.

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