I approached Les Reynard of Reynard Agencies for assistance in sending out an email to the owners of our complex. A gentle reminder regarding private use parking bays as my bay was being utilised by others.

I was disappointed in how my simple request was turned into a back and forth about how it is not their problem, a useless request, and “I cannot and will not be the cause of body corporate expense”

From such a disappointing first dealing with Reynard Agency, I proceeded to rate the company.

The following day, I received an email to inform me about the “merriment all round” when my rating was discovered which was followed by a detailed explanation regarding the comparison of directors and shareholders to trustees and managing agents.

I ask myself the question, it must have taken some time to type up this long educational letter when it would have taken a matter of seconds to pick up the telephone and advise me, we have the following options available or we are sorry we have disappointed you, perhaps you misunderstood us or you were expecting too much?

Instead I am left more disappointed.

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