House finished basement flooded the day we moved in. My inspection report that I paid for said the basement window well was set too low and not graded properly. The Richmond construction supervisor on the closing walk thru said "I have a Certificate of Occupancy and we can and will sell this house, I do not need to look at the basement bedroom window well." Nine months later Richmond had refurbished the basement only to have the basement floor start heaving due to the water that penetrated the basement floor joint and whetted the soil under the basement floor slabs. Warranty specification was 3/8" over a 32" run. I had areas up as much as 1.5 " over a 32" run.instead of doing a proper repair Richmond wanted to "grind the high spots and put in a heavier carpet pad". I'm an engineer and that does not solve the underlying problem.

We finally hired an attorney and brought in our own forensic engineering firm to analyze the problem. My forensic engineering firm reported to me in a 60 page report that the heaving was indeed caused by the basement flooding. Additionally the drainage in the rear and on both sides of the house was not draining water away from the foundation. Richmond had not compacted the soils around the house which allowed the soils to sink and not drain from around the house. My attorney was very helpful. Colorado has a "6-year right of repose" law, which means any defect you find and report in writing within the first 6 years of ownership, Richmond is on the hook to fix. Get an attorney. It's not that expensive.

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