This is a commendation for the Pharmacy staff at my rite aid store at 120 Court Street, Brooklyn New York 11201 Store #10571

I very recently needed extra help in getting a more specialized prescription medicine, not casually available. It required calling both the prescribing doctor and the insurance company to get required authorization.

Let me commend all the staff at the Pharmacy desk. Krystal Calliste, Rania Alkhoury and Sharmila Chattopadhyay. They were extremely caring and helpful. And very caring to see that my prescriptions would become available, as quickly as possible. They are a pleasure to know and I am very grateful to have them at my local Rite Aid pharmacy. They are also very knowledgable as to how the routine/system has to be utilized.

I give them the greatest commendation for efficiency, knowledge and pleasantness and helpfulness Sincerely, Carole Rubenstein Customer Card No.

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