Shipped a crate of steel and a pallet of drill bits and cutting wheels from Cincinnati to Houston last November 2014. The crate made it, and the pallet was stolen. It took a YEAR for them to get serious and pay up, after I had them suspended from This claim was for over $8000 for the value of the merchandise, I was on it like a pit bull for the full 12 months. They rolled out the arsenal of stops, ignore, fax for info, demand more info, dispute weight, dispute value, DISPUTE THAT IS WAS DELIVERED!

I hammered them each time with the facts, and they'd go silent for a month. Loss claims are idiots, upper management are idiots… Poor people at the terminals are left to fend off angry customers. Couldn't even tell me which terminal stole it. Ended up paying me a value to weight ratio, instead of insurance value. You better understand, the rate they quote is not going to save you anything when roadrunner will not reimburse you loss or damage.

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