I was involved in an accident on the 22nd November 2017 and submitted my claim, together with all requirements, on the following day, 23rd Novembeer 2017.

Steven Ramorai was nominated as my claims negotiator (Claim number 18-830). He came back with feedback that my claim has been accepted, and that I should await an assessor to assess the vehicle.

I kept on phoning, after there was no development on my claim, thus getting the same answer that I should await the assessor.

I went to Johannesburg (from Durban) with a hired car on the 1st December 2017, to celebrate my birthday which was the following day, thus leaving my vehicle and keys in my workplace, just in case the assessor arranges for the vehicle inspection.

Whilst in Jhb, I tried to find out on the progress of my claim, but received the same reply. I requested Steven Ramorai to give me the assessor's contact details to contact him personally, of which I did, but his phone rang continuously without an answer, nor did he (aasessor Sipho Ntshingila 0827412120) return my calls.

I informed Steven of the outcome by email and he did not reply.

I phoned Steven today, 6th December 2017 and he answered, and then kept me on hold for more than 15 minutes. I phoned his manager who promised that he will try to find out the heart of the matter and he will get back to me in approximately 10 minutes time. It's past 3 hours and he haven't returned my call.

Rodel Insurance is very disrespectful of its clients.

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