I had very bad experience with Rogers. About 2 and half years ago, there had no signal on my smart phone from rogers even sometime when I was standing on the city street, so I contact with rogers customer service and they suggested me to send my phone to them to check the problem with free charge because the phone was still warranted. I did what they suggested. A couple of days later, I got a call from them to ask me to pay about $120 to replace the phone's screen. I told them I know there had a small crack on one of the corner of the phone, but i did not think it was that small crack caused no signal on the phone. Then they returned the phone to me with a incorrectly installed start button and a bill (around $35, not exactly remember after 2 more years) for rogers service of checking the phone.

After that, I contacted with rogers customer service and technical service and even the managers from the rogers store with hours's phone call and online chatting and got the result was nothing and insult from one staff at a rogers store in Center mall of Saskatoon. But after several time contacting with rogers technical server, they told me they was installing a new signal tower at Saskatoon and my phone might have signal later. That was truth, about 3-4 days I got this information, the signal signal appeared on my phone and now (2 and half years later) I am still used that phone. Thus, the problem was not my phone, but was rogers signal system. For my understanding, I was not supposed to pay rogers that #35 bill (the main reason was the phone still was warranted, another obvious reason was the phone was good, the problem was just form rogers' bad signal system, the third reason was they incorrectly installed the start button on the phone). After a lot of phone call and online chatting, the rogers custom service said I should contact with rogers technical department, the technical department said i should contact with the rogers store, but the rogers store said i should contact with custom service and technical department… Exhausted! Finally, they said I should contact with rogers manger (someone maybe is a top manager, I did not remember his name), then i call this manager several times, always remind me to leave a message. Finally, this manager picked the phone, before I completed telling him my experience, he said since you have singed the term, you have to pay… I was too exhausted all of those… So I hanged up the phone. And I payed the bill. But I payed this bill is not because I think the rogers is deserved this $35, this $35 was rogers robbed from me! I payed the pill was because I don't want this thine damage my credit history and I don't want to spent any seconds to communicate with rogers anymore.

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