I purchase a three piece reclining living room suite from Rooms To Go (RTG) and when it was delivered, the back of the rocker recliner appeared to be weak. I mentioned to the delivery guy and he said that was the way it was made. The entire living room suite seem very cheaply made but since it was just my husband and I living in the home that the furniture would last us for several years.

The rocker has been used maybe a total of 20 hours in 10 months and still looks brand new except for the broken back on one side. I call for a warranty claim and they say that I damaged the chair in the home and denied my warranty claim. Then they called me to pay for an additional 2 year warranty. What a joke, the company has ripped me off. They have also denied warranty claims from my sister in Virginia on a broken couch arm and a warranty claim by my mother in Houston for her leather peeling off her couch. I will never purchased another item from RTG.

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