Purchased several items and got the express delivery. Five days out is express? With this service you are required to be available for a 14 hr timeframe. After giving up my entire day items were damaged. Once again expected to give up another day, item arrived damaged as well. When phoning customer service I was left on eternal hold. I gave up and phoned store. I was shocked to find out that I was on hold for a department that was closed. I was told manager would call me in the AM as I would have to wait 3 days to find out what the resolution could be. That was 6 days ago and yet to have manager phone. Service did call to redeliver. Of course with the 14 hr time frame unless I wanted to wait 12 days they can give me a 4 hr window.

I asked if I can pick up at store. The reaction was as though I wanted to commit a crime. I assume they get trucks. How else do they get samples? I requested I drive to warehouse and pick up myself. Mind you I live 85 miles away 170 round trip. I was told that I could only do this at RTG convenience. I could do on Saturday (5 days out) or the following Tuesday. So let's see, I'm going out of my way to get product I payed for 2 weeks ago and I have to make an appointment to inconvenience myself. After phoning back to store needless to say, no manager, no assistance and no resolution. I have sent email to corporate, disputed credit card purchase and waiting for them to call for funds. I hope I am available, not have to put them on hold, and find the time to call them when confirmation of resolution is needed… Most frustrated that my future business is of no concern. Manager not even care.

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