The set was purchased for our conference room. We have clients come in, maybe once a year and wanted something inexpensive. The chair has been sat in less than 5 times and the leg snapped off underneath me. There has been no abuse or heavy use. It was poor construction. I would really appreciate a new chair or some option of repair. I called customer service in Tampa and spoke to 1 rep and transferred to manager named Josh, who was so snotty to me, I hung up on him.

I feel used and abused. I bought crap furniture thinking that it should be fine for light use, but it's not even worth that. He also said he couldn't do anything because this was a commercial account. Businesses BEWARE TOO! BTW – made in China. I should have guessed. They could have made a happy loyal customer for a very small investment instead I have nothing good to say about Rooms To Go or the staff. This could have been a very easy fix but their customer service people could not care less. Will NEVER buy from or say a good thing about ever again about Rooms to Go products or service.

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