We purchased a sectional in March. After it was delivered someone called to offer me an extended warranty. His exact words were "you can use the warranty if you don't like the way your pillows sit." Well I didn't like the way my pillows sat. I called them and they sent someone out. This guy tells me he only does stitching and things of that nature. So someone calls me again from Rooms to Go a few days later, with a very nasty attitude. She wasn't helpful at all! She said she would send me a pillow, and I needed 3. She sends someone else out, and he takes pictures. I get a call a week later saying there's is nothing they can do about this. WHAT? You guys were just willing to send me a pillow. What happen? What am I paying for? I hate these people and will never buy from them again, and I don't suggest anyone in the world buy anything from them. They are crooks! Go somewhere else. Save yourself the headache.

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