Good day. A friend of mine told me about this site. Last year I thought it was time to get medical aid. I was covered since November 2015. Attached you can see me doing very intense exercises without any obvious pain. In the beginning of this year I started to get heavy pain in my shoulder. I only had a hospital plan with gap cover. So I went to a shoulder doctor! He did a ultrasound on my shoulder and couldn't find anything. He then said I must go for a mri scan, so I did. Only then we could see a tear in my ac joint. He said I must go in for a very small procedure. I told him I had a little pain a year ago for a week but it was nothing major, because he asked me if I had any previous injuries. I said no, but just recall that little pain I had for what it was worth. Somehow he mentioned it in letter he had to fill in and then the medical aid twisted the whole thing out of proportion and said I had severe pain now for the last year and I did not declare it. It is far from the truth it's not even funny. They told me they will not pay for the procedure and they will ban me forever from discovery. They even called me and said they spoke to the doctor and he said I had some previous procedures done on my shoulder. They only did that to kind of see what my reactions were. They were lying blatantly to me. I phoned the reception immediately about This and they also said discovery is lying, they never phoned the doctor because he was that day in theater. I have so much prove that I was 100%fit when I joined them. They are just telling me they are cancelling my membership because I had pain in my shoulder before I joined. They don't have any prove or nothing, they just say it. My hands are tied now and I can't leave it, because I know for a fact they are taking chances and are unethical regarding this. I am still shocked by what happened. Anyway now the pain is so bad I can't do my daily routine and it is so difficult to get my work done for the day. Please give me some advise on this. I would really appreciate it. Like I said attached is the photo of me with the date in December with no pain and the letter from the doctor stating that I had the pain recently. This big companies think they can come away with murder, which is so sad. They don't feel nothing for you, except to join them and get your monthly debit order. If you need them it's just excuses. The rude women I was dealing with, her name is Rosanna Kinloch. She is very rude, cold and unprofessional. Can't believe she is working for a company like discovery. She is a liar!! Just make stories up to suit her paperwork.

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