Rosetta Stone makes an excellent product, but its customer service is the worst I have ever encountered in any business.
I ordered Levels 1 through 5 Russian and went for the monthly subscription after the first year. This enabled me to use different devices and to learn on the go. All good. But then I started getting letters saying I owe $42.80. No problem, I figure: I'll go online and look at my account balance. All looks good! No outstanding balance. So what does a person who was once a victim of identity theft do about the letters? Ignore them, that's what. Especially since the online service tells me there is nothing wrong.
Normally, I would call customer service, but their hours are Mon – Fri 8:30 to 5:00. These are my work hours. I can't call them at lunch because the wait times are usually a minimum of 20 minutes. Anyway, I figure, if there's a problem, it will show up in an email or in my online version of Rosetta Stone.


It turns out that the company that sells the monthly subscription has nothing to do with the company that sells you the program. One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. So while I was looking online and seeing everything was fine, it was not. My credit report was damaged because of these idiots.

Buyer beware. Beware a company that has the worst customer service hours, the worst response time, and the most Byzantine corporate structure.

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