I called the Ross sure and told them that i had accident washed my 2-week old receipt in the laundry. I explained that i need to exchange for a bigger size Curtains and was told that i can bring it in just fine. I brought them in asked if i can check for the right sizes are available instead of having to do a refund then purchase transactions. I did not have time to stand in line twice. I found the sizes i needed in a different pattern unfortunately. They were much less than the ones I were exchanging which the Associate said it was okay. When she rung the exchange she said that it was worth 50-60% LESS what i originally paid. I really did not have time to argue about the whole transaction.
Unfortunate cause i did love the original patterns of the curtains i returned. I decided to go back a couple hours later the repurchase the same curtains if i found them back on the sale floor. I was not able to locate them so decided to check out with the items i had in hand when i saw the curtains in the return rack for restocking. They were priced the the ABSOLUTE full price i originally paid. I wanted these patterns so much i had to buy them. I am disgusted with this absurd practice i plan on writing corporate about this and have taken pictures of the 3 receipts. Other retail stores have added the option to have the receipt emailed to you. This has helped me never loss or accidentally WASH a receipt ever again.

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