I just want to write to customer service that I am very upset, I placed an online order and the order duplicated. Once I realize the order was duplicated I emailed customer service right away and sent 5 emails requesting for the order to be cancelled. It was not my fault that customer was not open during my order. You sent me a special offer to order without shipping at 10 pm which conveniently it was when customer service was closed, then I had an issue with my order you couldn't fix it the next morning how crazy. Then the very not helpful customer rep said I had 30 minutes to cancel my order. My question to you who was I was supposed to contact within 30 minutes if customer service is closed??? I emailed immediately after placing the order. I am irate my card was charged for 6 shirts which means there is 2 of each shirt being shipped. How stupid is that? And there was no way to stop the processing or shipping.

I am irate and I will never order online which this company again… FYI I ordered just about every week. I have another order in the mail right now as well.

Angry Customer Tamika..

I will also put a review online!

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