I have been through hell trying to talk to someone even a supervisor. I have been on hold times for more than 2 hours in fact more than 15 hours in the last week. I am disturbed. I originally purchased a tablet from Amazon and immediately cancelled the item within 30 mins of placing the order. Amazon gave me a settlement verification code to locate the transaction in question and to prove the funds were never taken from my account. They collect when item is shipped. It was not shipped or collected from by a third party. It was a settlement verification.

You should not be holding monies of mine especially since I have provided all the information that you requested such as name last four of the card in question as well as the amount and cancellation date and time. As well as provided letterhead and signatures of people that I spoke with at Amazon. I was told that monies would be deposited yesterday or released into my account and it is now a day past that date told.

Here I am again on hold for a supervisor now for more than an hour. Oh did I forget to mention that I get thrown back into the customer service loop after they say that they are transferring me to a supervisor, hung up on, and when I call back they drop my call after two rings! I am more than disappointed with their banking and disrespectful customer service! I will look for a different bank. I just need the little money that I make a month and now I am incurring more fees because of their lax customer service! 290.99 is a lot of money for me to not have available considering I make less than the poverty level of 1300 a month in the United States.

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