I have been with RushCard for 8 years and lately it has been one bad issue after another until it really became WORSE!!! RushCard manager by name of "Will" said that I was paid by my employer numerous times. At this time, I had HR and Payroll from my job stating I was issued my direct deposit on my usual days (Bi Weekly). Payroll at my job stated they never paid me more than what I was due but RushCard stated that I was. He brought up transactions that I never made and even when he stated the amounts it still didn't add up to what was said. I tried to do a stop payment on my employers' end but it was too late. There were plenty transactions that I honestly NEVER made!!! I was sent to disputes to argue it and mysteriously the phone gives me the busy signal and hang up on me.

So basically, I'm screwed out of my money for two weeks and like everybody else in the world, I have bills to pay that won't get paid at this time because RushCard decided not to help a good customer who have been with their company almost 10 years!!! Good Job Russell Simmons. Your company just robbed me and told me I got to deal with it. You lost me and I will spread the word to make sure NO ONE enroll into RushCard. It's a scam. Word of mouth is best promotion and I will speak it until I can't no longer!!! Do not sign up for a rushcard!!!

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