Initially this card was the best thing! Can't beat getting paid prior to your regular pay date however that is the ONLY thing this card has going for itself!!! I call customer service at least 3 times a day in regards to funds that were to be in my account almost THREE WEEKS AGO! I keep getting emails telling me to wait 2-3 business days, then 1-2 business days. I call call call and get hung up on or they say that it's under investigation! How is it under investigation when YOU emailed ME to say that it will be there. There is no resolve with this card and the customer service and getting caught in the web of their reconstruction is treacherous! I just want my money replaced that's it! And then I am finished with the card! I wouldn't recommend to anyone! Thanks Mr. Simmons, these cards are designed to take your hard earned money any way with the fees.

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