On October 6th 2015 I bought a bus ticket from greyhound. I wasnt able to use it. They canceled on me. I spoke to them to refund my money of 139.00. They would not. So I called you on the 7th of oct. And the women I spoke in customer service said rushcard will gladly give me a refund. Then the next few days something went wrong with rushcard company. I think you were upgrading your systems. I wasnt able to log in. I still cant. You dont answer the phones anymore. I cant access my account, I cant get a hold of you to find out where my refund is.

Now your automated system say I have to do a written statement for my refund. I been A rushcard customer for many years now. You've made it impossible for me to find out anything. I like my refund please. And because I couldn't access my account for 5 weeks now I had no choice but do go to my bank and get a debit card.

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