I had very high hopes for our new Saatva mattress. It was a bit less expensive than our local company, Verlo, and I liked the fact that organic materials are used, at least on the outside. We did have a bit of a wait before we got our mattress. The delivery company was late and although they were very nice and professional, they left dirty hand prints all over the walls (getting the mattress up the stairs was not a piece of cake, I admit). Once the box springs were put in in place (Cal. King), I noticed that one of them was pretty distorted. I called Saatva right away and they assured me the mattresses would work fine, regardless, and offered me a $150 discount, which I took. The person I spoke to on the phone was very nice.

The first time I lay on the mattress to test it out, my impression was that it was too firm for me. My husband likes it, but I'd prefer it to be softer. After about three days I called again to say I didn't like the mattress, it was too firm, and the person I spoke to said I'd have to "break it in" and use it for at least seven days. Long and short, my husband likes it. It is less expensive than our local store and I don't want to go through getting another mattress so we will live with it. I would not recommend it to someone who is looking for a "luxury" mattress. It's just not soft enough.

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